Epicurean Group Partnership Campaign


Epicurean Group is a food management service company dedicated to sustainable dining specializing in corporate and campus restaurants. A series of ads and an insert were developed featuring the importance of partnering with local, family run food suppliers that hold the same vision for high-quality product with sustainable business practices. Creative Team: Jan Davis and Peg Champion

StopWaste Partnership: Business Efficiency Award Campaign


Each year StopWaste Partnership identifies top local businesses who’ve made the extra effort to continuously improve their environmental performance. A series of print and online ads were created to acknowledge the achievements of these businesses. The campaign was used for two years. Creative team: Davis Design and Gigantic-Idea Studio

TWC Aviation: Boutique Charter


TWC Aviation has an ultra luxurious private jet charter service on select large-cabin aircraft called the Boutique Charter Experience, which no other operator provides. The cabin attendants were meticulously trained to prepare seasonal cuisine, and provided the highest standard of service in the industry. Publication: Business Jet Traveler

Glass Pumpkin Patch, Los Altos


The Glass Pumpkin Patch is an annual event in Los Altos, displaying artistic glass pumpkins and sea shells for sale from the well known glass art studio of Walkers & Bowes. This was a two-day fundraising event that benefited GreenTown Los Altos, a local nonprofit environmental organization. Project: Identity, postcards, event banners, social media banners as well as [...]