Los Altos History Museum Agricultural Exhibit


Interpretive Signage for “Transforming the Land” In the permanent outdoor exhibit, “Transforming the Land,” visitors to the Los Altos History Museum learn about J. Gilbert Smith and what life was once like in the Valley of Heart’s Delight. In those early days, over 10 million apricots, cherries, and other fruit and nut trees blanketed [...]

RiseUp! The Fight for Women’s Suffrage


This exhibition celebrates the centennial of women's suffrage. It provides an overview of the struggle over many years and highlights the strong effort by local women’s organizations. I worked with the Los Altos History Museum curator closely to develop the story visually. The exhibit development started right before the COVID-19 Pandemic and soon took [...]

Instinct. Extinct. The Great Pacific Flyway


Instinct. Extinct. The Great Pacific Flyway. This was a multi-disciplinary art installation that celebrated birds in flight along the western edge of North America. The creators of the artwork explored the relationship between man and birds. The Los Altos History Museum augmented the exhibit with local stories, photographers, and educational information specific to the Bay [...]

LAHM Silicon Valley Eats Exhibit


Silicon Valley Eats: A Taste for Innovation The history of agriculture is a history of innovation. This exhibit told new generations about the orchards and canneries that once flourished here, and how the area continues to help shape how the world grows, eats and shares its food. Highlighted were today’s diverse cuisine, creative new sustainability [...]

Los Altos History Museum. “Spirits Return”


Spirits Return: Cultural Traditions Keeping Memories Alive. This multicultural exhibit features seven cultural traditions by which people celebrate and honor their ancestor or loved ones who have passed on. The exhibit is divided in two main areas: the perimeter walls describe the origins to these traditions, as well as how they are celebrated locally, and the central portion focuses on individual families who share their [...]

Los Altos History Museum “Pedal Power”


Pedal Power: From Wacky to Workhorse. This unique exhibit showcased 15 bikes, from one-of-a kind creations made from scrap metal and recycled parts to ultra-modern electric bikes. The exhibit told the history about the pioneers behind the mountain bike and shocks used in the Paris Roubaix race, Greg LeMonde and the Tour de France, women [...]

Los Altos History Museum “Reflect + Create”


This juried art show featured original works by local artists, inspired by objects from the Los Altos History Museum’s own collection. These examples show the museum object on the left and the new original art on the right. Project components: Identity, direct mail, flyers, digital and print ads

TWC Aviation Exhibit Booth


TWC Aviation is a full-service aviation company, providing jet charter, management and sales services. TWC was a rapidly growing company with one of the largest large-cabin fleet in the nation, but they still had the perception in the industry of being only a regional company. They increased their presence and visibility at the National Business Aviation Association show, [...]

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