Clay Lacy Aviation Brand Identity


Founded in 1968, Clay Lacy is a prominent nationwide provider of private jet services. Ahead of their 50th Anniversary, the company decided to completely revise their brand identity, including a new corporate look and feel, logo, advertising, brochures, and marketing and sales support materials. Also refreshed were building and street signage, wraps for vans and [...]

Instinct. Extinct. The Great Pacific Flyway


Instinct. Extinct. The Great Pacific Flyway. This was a multi-disciplinary art installation that celebrated birds in flight along the western edge of North America. The creators of the artwork explored the relationship between man and birds. The Los Altos History Museum augmented the exhibit with local stories, photographers, and educational information specific to the Bay [...]

Clay Lacy Aviation Safety Awareness Campaign


The illustrated posters provide employees with important information about eye safety, fall prevention and hazardous spill containment. The employee photo poster series is about the importance of taking action to report any incident, no matter how small. Employees can report incidents online or via printed forms.

Los Altos History Museum Identity


Identity for the Los Altos History Museum The Los Altos History Museum opened its doors in 1977. Since then, communities have changed and are more diverse, technology savvy and want more engagement with a museum. Museums must have first-class content with exhibits and programs that engage the visitor. This new identity reflects a broader vision [...]

eMeter: Technology Solutions Guides


eMeter’s software solutions enable utilities to deploy smart grids on a large scale. We developed two informative guides to explain the eMeter technology solutions and to clarify different energy-use scenarios. The guides simplified a very complex story for the sales team to use on new customer calls. (36 pages) Agency: (e.g.) Ventures

CompTIA: IT Certification Brochures


CompTIA is a non-profit trade association that promotes an industry- standard IT certification. Several multi-page pieces were developed; a) Entry-level brochure which explains the importance of certification when looking for a job. b) The Get Into IT brochure aimed to high school students. c) Tech Talk news updates discusses inside news and views on training and certification in the IT community. Agency: [...]

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