Epicurean Group: Go Greener


Epicurean Group is a food management service company dedicated to sustainable dining specializing in corporate and campus restaurants. Every fall they run a campaign to help reduce waste in their on campus or corporate kitchens. This identity was a modernized version from an earlier Go Green version. We felt that most people make an effort to recycle, but [...]

eMeter: Technology Solutions Guides


eMeter’s software solutions enable utilities to deploy smart grids on a large scale. We developed two informative guides to explain the eMeter technology solutions and to clarify different energy-use scenarios. The guides simplified a very complex story for the sales team to use on new customer calls. (36 pages) Agency: (e.g.) Ventures

CompTIA: IT Certification Brochures


CompTIA is a non-profit trade association that promotes an industry- standard IT certification. Several multi-page pieces were developed; a) Entry-level brochure which explains the importance of certification when looking for a job. b) The Get Into IT brochure aimed to high school students. c) Tech Talk news updates discusses inside news and views on training and certification in the IT community. Agency: [...]

Procacci Development Corporation


Procacci Development, a commercial real estate developer specializing in hurricane-resistant buildings for commercial/retail and government, needed a strong message and cohesive communications to explain their unique advantages. Project components: Corporate identity, stationery, brochure, case study, and folder Agency: Steal Thunder